Postpartum meal prep – breakfast

When my first daughter was born I seriously underestimated the post partum period. I was so under prepared. Well not this time around!

For the past few weeks I’ve been doubling (in some cases quadrupling) my recipes when I make breakfast and freezing the extras. My goal is to have at least a months worth of breakfast in the freezer. Actually it probably looks like two months because pregnancy hungry is tame compared to breastfeeding a newborn hungry.

For lunch we will have lots of sandwhiches, chips, and fruit and yogurt to snack on. As for dinner I will leave two weeks of ingredients and croc pot recipes for hubby. I’m hoping the croc pot will be as fool proof as I think it is.

Here is a list I’ve complied of all my favorite baked goods for breakfast courtesy of pintrist. All of these recipes are easily doubled and freeze well. The carrot cake muffins below are one of my favorites. They’re an awesome way to sneak in veggies for a picky toddler.

healthy carrot cake muffins

blueberry banana bread Laila’s favorite!

Greek yogurt pancakes

cheddar and bacon scones

cinnamon apple muffins these have bran and chia seeds which adds extra nutrition

home made egg mcmuffins

stewed stone fruits this is a list of recipes, (non freeze able) but my favorite is at the bottom.

cinnamon Amish bread

oatmeal raisin pancakes

buttermilk biscuits
These are super easy, but I do add extra salt. Scramble some eggs, a few pieces of bacon and add apple jelly to the biscuit and it’s just like being at Cracker Barrel.

Another great, simple breakfast is oatmeal. Oatmeal is the best in the first few weeks, it also helps with milk production and getting everything moving again. I make huge batches in the croc pot. Here are a few of my favorite oatmeal recipes.

apple cinnamon oatmeal

No link for this next one, just cook oatmeal in chocolate milk and add sugar and cinnamon to taste, it’s so

amaranth with pears Ok, so technically this isn’t oatmeal, it’s amaranth. Amaranth is basically quinoa, so it’s packed with protein. I buy mine in bulk at whole foods. Like quinoa it can have a bit of a bitter taste, BUT if you lightly toast it before cooking it has a nutty taste that is delicious! I love that this recipe has pears, also super good for new mamas.

Of course my mother and mother in law will be helping with food, but I’m a picky eater and I like to mostly make my own food. Now that I have breakfast covered I can relax so much easier and just wait for Sabrina’s arrival!


What a real father looks like

The other day I read an article from CNN about how today’s fathers are more involved than their fathers before them.

I loved reading an article that focused more on fathers and their importance to the family beyond being the breadwinner. There’s so much emphasis on mothers and the journey of motherhood, that sometimes I feel like fathers get a little left behind. In movies and tv we always see the woman wanting a baby, the man groaning at the responsibility of it. In the real world we see men leaving women alone to raise kids. Or the lesser of the two evils, we see men leaving all of the work for the mother, physically present but mentally absent. Of course this isn’t in every case, but I think it’s definitely become a stereotype for a reason. Growing up I always thought of having kids as “a girl thing” because I saw these stereotypes so often. My mind was blown when a friend of mine talked about her husband wanting children. There are men that actually want kids? Ok, her husband must be a little weird.

Fast forward to me being pregnant with my first child. I was so excited, and I wanted my husband to be just as excited, to come to every single appointment, to pick out every onsie, and yet at the same time I felt like saying “Ok thanks, you did your part by getting me pregnant, I’ll take it from here” Having kids is a girl thing.Throughout the entire pregnancy I flip flopped on how involved I wanted him to be. For the longest time I planned to go to the hospital alone – thankfully I came to my senses and we shared a beautiful birth experience.

My husband cried just as much as I did when Laila was born. He changed every hospital diaper, and rocked her to sleep every night. He taught me to breastfeed better than the nurses in the hospital could. He was completely amazing from pregnancy to birth and after, but I still wasn’t convinced. I just didn’t understand what place the father had, I felt like everything was supposed to rest on the mothers shoulders.

In the first few weeks I would tell my husband that I didn’t need him, I was the mom and I could do everything by myself, just take care of the money and we’d call it even. Being the patient and gentle person that he is, eder would just ignore the things that I said and continue taking care of Laila and I.

Despite my confusion as to what a father should look like, I was so impressed with my husband. I was amazed to see him happily wake up in the middle of the night with Laila despite having had a long work day.
He excitedly picked out little outfits for her, he ordered DVDs and toys for her. He instagramed pictures of her and texted me everyday to ask how she was. When he came in from work he immediately went to her. He talked about how much he missed her when he was at work, something I had only ever heard a working mom say.

When Laila is angry about something he is even more patient than I am and comforts her every time. I have never once seem him lose his temper with her, or even complain. Just last night he sat and played barbies with her while I finished up dinner. This morning he was putting her hair in a pony tail while they watched cartoons.

I really believe God put this man and our children into my life so that I could see what a father is supposed to look like. A father is the mothers support, her other half. That doesn’t mean bringing in a paycheck and considering his share of the work done. A real father understands that parenting takes two people, and delights in sharing the responsibilities. A real father is someone who puts his family first, someone who is patient with his children. He invests in his relationship with them and Ioves them unconditionally. A real father is just as involved and devoted as the mother.